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What’s Special About Today?

Today is the day I officially extend my creative journey into blogging! I realized that I’d been too comfortable in my current life, which I must admit is quite busy and fulfilling with our large family, my extremely demanding career in IT management, a busy social life, my community service activities and of course painting whenever and wherever I can.

Given that I firmly believe that life is about choices; both the ones we make and the ones we don’t, I started thinking if I am doing everything that I’m meant to do? Should I continue comfortably with what I’m doing currently or should I start something new and be uncomfortable in the process, at least in the beginning. So I am choosing to be uncomfortable for a bit because it makes me push my boundaries and helps me grow.

How do you push your own limits? I’d love to hear from you. Thanks for your interest. Please do feel free to leave me some comments, feedback or life advice if you so wish:) Stay blessed!

Creatively yours,

Written by: rashmimalhan

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