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What Does Freedom Mean to You?

This diptych┬ápainting is my tribute to being Free; free to live a life filled with colors, free to love, free to travel the world, free to fly like a butterfly, free to create music and art, free to read and write, free to make choices, free from other people’s opinions about us, free to choose our reactions regardless of the situation, free from our own fears and insecurities. Free to just Be! Free to be, who we are meant to be!

Generally people fall in 2 categories; the ones who think that life is a sequence of events over which they have no control or influence, and the ones who firmly believe that life is about choices and freedom and I am very much a part of this second group. I have learned that everything that we do or even the things we don’t do are still governed by our choice to do them or not. First set of people live their life as if they are the victims of their circumstances and the second set lives their life, feeling empowered in their ability to change or manage their circumstances with courage and grace. To me, this ability to choose our attitude is the ultimate freedom. Life is not meant to be a constant struggle or a stressful existence, it is MEANT to be celebrated and cherished. It is only when we let go of our expectations about what our life should be and start embracing what it is, then we can create opportunities for it to be everything it’s meant to be!

Which group do you belong to? What does Freedom mean to you? As always I’d love to get your feedback and comments. Stay Blessed!

Creatively Yours,

Written by: rashmimalhan

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  • Usha Kapoor

    There was a time when I cared for others what would they feel or say but today I feel I didn’t gain anything its better to be free feel free and freedom gives immense happiness and satisfaction