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So, What Exactly is Mixed Media Art?

We are living in an era which is bounded by technology, the gift of science. But still scientists and researchers maintain that, “if science and technology make the world easier today, the arts make it worth living”. Throughout history, many different trends have brought a transformation in arts. Mixed Media is an art movement, which got started way back in 1912 by Pablo Picasso, when he combined paint, ink, and collage on the same canvas, even though the term ‘Mixed Media’ is relatively new. Mixed Media refers to a work of visual art, that combines various traditionally distinct visual art media i.e. paint, ink, paper, cloth, pastels etc.

Some celebrated works of Mixed Media Art include ‘Blue Nude II’ by Henri Matisse in 1952, ‘Still Life with Chair Caning’ by Pablo Picasso in 1912, and ‘Just What Is It That Makes Today’s Homes So Different, So Appealing?’ by Richard Hamilton in 1956. Eminent artists such as Pablo Picasso and Georges Braque began this practice, using collage and assemblage in their work, and presented many beautiful pieces of such artwork. There were some mentions of Mixed Media, even in the Byzantine Empire (330 to 1450 AD), where artists generously used gold leaf and small plants in their paintings.

In 1930s, Henri Matisse magnificently utilized paper cutouts as foundational components of his paintings. Since the inception of Mixed Media arts, many artists have developed and advanced this art form, from the fusion of different materials, processes as well as their own unique styles. This art movement has pushed the traditional painting to an entirely new level.

I fell in love with this versatile medium because I found it to be the perfect channel to express my thoughts, emotions and feelings, which I somehow couldn’t do adequately in the traditional painting styles. I truly enjoy the tactile aspect of this media and that’s why most of my paintings are extremely textural. In this particular painting I have combined acrylic paints, newsprint, foil, bangles, sequins etc. to create the feel of Autumn; rustling of dry leaves, crisp autumn air, and changing colours of the fall season, in varied hues of orange, green and gold.

As always, I’m interested in your feedback. Please let me know what do you think about this art form, as well as my painting? Stay blessed!

Creatively yours,

Written by: rashmimalhan

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