Yin & Yang-  10×12 inches- Not Available

This was one of my first paintings after a hiatus from arts of almost 2 decades. I had been pondering about the influence of good and evil on our behaviour and actions and came to the realization that good and bad are labels we stick to various things, based on our own biases and interpretations. In fact all of us have shades of good and bad in our characters.

The yin yang is an ancient Chinese philosophy which maintains the belief that everything in the universe consists of complementary and opposing forces that are constant and cyclical. In the natural order of things, initially one force dominates and then it recedes and is replaced by the opposing force and this cycle continues: life and death, day and night, light and dark, health and sickness, wealth and poverty, as well as cycle of the seasons. This delicate balance gets disturbed when any one side refuses to yield to the other. That’s what I tried to illustrate with the Bindi and the tear drop; that sometimes women don’t realize their worth and allow themselves to be dominated.

However, in life very few things are absolute, in each element there is a small part of the other. In every male there are female qualities and in every good there is a little evil and vice versa. Everything in the universe and in life has many shades of black or white. Both sides are dependent on each other for their own sustainment in this beautiful cycle of life.Abstract2