Full Circle

3 canvases, 2-12X12 and 1-8X24.
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Sometimes life brings us back full circle,
To make us aware of our own journey and growth!

I have used acrylic colours, gels, paper, ribbons cardboard plus various metallic embellishments to illustrate the phases and events in life i.e an anchor to show that sometimes we have people, memories and experiences that keep us anchored in past, twisty metallic bits to show the path of our life and gears for the daily grind, a lock to show that sometimes when all the paths seem blocked and doors seem locked, we need to keep our focus and use our moral compass to steer ourselves towards our goals. A timepiece to show that we need to give time, the time it needs then love becomes the golden key that unlocks all the opportunities and allows us to bloom like flowers and soar like butterflies.