I am inspired by the limitless variations found in natural objects and scenery, and my nature paintings are meant to show what’s available filtered through a lens of what’s possible. I often paint flowers and abstracted landscapes.



Lovebirds 2 canvases 16X20 each Available to buy This is a heavily textured painting made with acrylic colours, tissue papers and modelling clay. In this painting I've illustrated that these lovebirds are sitting happily together,



Respite 4 Canvases: 3- 12X24 & 24X30 Not Available I wanted to show a sense of calm in this painting. These birds have traveled far and wide and now they're enjoying their well deserved rest

Autumn & Spring


Autumn & Spring 2 Canvas boards 11X13 each Available to buy These pieces are painted with acrylic colors, newsprint, foil, bangles, beads, ribbons, sequins etc. to create the feel of fall; rustling of dry leaves, crisp autumn



Journey This painting is on 4 canvases: a 18X24, a 16X20 and 2 12X24 inches

Two Poppies


Two Poppies 24X24 inches

Heading Home


Heading Home 20X30 inches