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About me

Welcome! I’m Rashmi Malhan and this is my personal blog. Born and raised in a traditional Indian family full of artists and writers, I have always had a passion for arts. The memories of my mother creating beautiful paintings, and craft-work as well as nurturing and encouraging my creativity still follow me. 


‘RASHMI‘ is a Sanskrit word meaning Ray of Light. It is a word that has always inspired me to see light even at the darkest moments. Just like the light in nature keeps changing constantly, so does my art, be it heavily textured abstracts portraying multiple facets of life, deeply meditative Zentangle art or multi colored mixed media collages based on my favorite thoughts and words.

I paint because I breathe, it’s a need in me and I feel lucky to have the means and opportunities to create.

Over the years I have created and enjoyed art in a variety of mediums- Drawing, Painting in Oils, Acrylics, Pastels, Water Color, Charcoal as well as Collage, Mixed Media and Encaustic. I studied art in school, and did a Post-Graduate Diploma course in Graphic Designing. I also conducted hobby classes in Drawing & Painting. I truly enjoy the entire process of painting as it brings me immense peace and joy. I feel like a butterfly, when I’m creating art; so light, so free, flying from medium to medium and project-to-project. Sometimes I have several projects going, all at the same time and I revel in this freedom. I have so many things to explore, so many feelings to express and so many things to share with the world, which I do through my art.

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