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 Rashmi Malhan is a contemporary mixed media artist by passion and a Director in Analytics and Data Management for a large financial institution by profession. She is based in Toronto, Canada. Her art is full of earth colors, etched markings and unusual textures. She incorporates silk flowers, modeling clay, beads and various types of paper, cloth, metals and foils in her paintings. Her process involves applying layers and layers of color and texture to create an intricate and complex statement. The influence of her Indian heritage is often apparent in her work. Many of her paintings are around Indian motifs or deities, primarily Paisley and Ganesha. Her florals and abstract landscapes are her tribute to the immense beauty of nature. The textural element of art is fundamental to almost all her art. She often works on multiple panels and canvases. In addition to the visual sense, she engages a viewer’s tactile sense in experiencing her paintings. Thank you for your interest in her art.

“Art enables us to find ourselves and lose ourselves at the same time”

Thomas Merton

Artist Statement

My art reflects my variety, hopes and dreams, for freedom and for a better future. I am attracted to different colors, forms, textures and light found in nature and I incorporate these elements in all my art.

I firmly believe that no matter how dark the night seems, the next sunrise is just across the horizon!